Arix Europe designs, develops, produces and distributes products for cleaning homes, gardens and cars, for personal care & hygiene and for professional cleaning.

Synthetic and cellulose sponges, natural fibre sponges, scouring and non-scratch pads, inox wire sponges, soaped and galvanized sponges, multipurpose and floor cloths, sponge cloth and chamois cloths, dusting disposable cloths, microfibre cloths, ironing board covers, indoor and outdoor brooms, push brooms, brushes, floor dusters and washers are all available from one supplier.  A recent addition to the ranges is our Convenience category which has dog poop bags, plastic sacks of all strengths for home & garden and drinking straws.

Arix was founded in 1969 at which point it was a small converter and packer of synthetic and natural sponges.  It is now a market leader in the Italian Household Cleaning market.

Arix ‘the home help’ has now celebrated 40 years in business.  It constantly renews its production capabilities and product portfolio demonstrating continuous delivery of new cleaning solutions.