Mops & Buckets

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B180 Bettina 13 litre Oval Mop Bucket Metallic Silver with Coloured Wringer
B181 Bettina 15 Litre Oval Mop Bucket Metallic Silver
B184 Bettina 11 Litre Oval Mop Bucket and Wringer…Assorted Colours
B187 Bettina Squeezy Mop Green/Pink/Orange
B312 Bettina Cotton Mop with Handle
B312H Bettina Cotton Mop Refill Head
B313 Bettina Yellow Mop with Handle
B369 Bettina 15 Litre Oval Mop Bucket: Black with Coloured Wringer
B377 Bettina Builder’s Bucket – Extra Strong
TK019M Tonkita Rilievi Mop – with Handle – Non Woven Embossed Bows
TK020M Tonkita Microfibre Mop – with Handle
TK021M Tonkita Sunny Mop – with Handle – Nonwoven Microperforated Strips
TK022M Tonkita Strofi Mop – with Handle – Super Premium Cotton Head
TK023M Tonkita Super Mop – with Handle Nonwoven Microfibre Cloth
TK63668M Tonkita Cotton Mop with Handle
TK909R Tonkita Squeezy Mop Refill Head