TK026 Tonkita Dust Locker System



TK026 Tonkita Dust Locker System

Dust locker starter kit, ideal for all kind of floors, especially parquet, marble, ceramic and skirting boards.

The disposable dust-attracting cloths with special high thickness 3D pattern, allow a improved collection and retaining more dust, crumbs, hair in one pass.

The compact shape with cloth-lock slits and high thickness sponge base gets a better surface grip and a uniform cleaning.

The 360°swivel joint and the metal extensible handle up to 130 cm means it easily reaches corners, spaces under furniture and the ceiling.

Starter pack has head, adjustable handle and 10 spare cloths.

Also available………replacement cloths in 20s and 40s.

Carton: 6

Primary: 8008990000262

Carton: 5008990957658

TK029 Tonkita Dust Locker Refills (20)

Carton: 12

Primary: 8008990000293

Carton: 5008990957627

TK030 Tonkita Dust Locker Refills (40)

Carton: 6

Primary: 8008990030009

Carton: 8008990946294